Equality & Anti-Oppression

In today’s world, if we aren’t actively doing the internal and external work to decolonize and dismantle the unjust systems of inequality that exist here on earth, we are contributing to the upholding of this ongoing oppression.

White supremacy, amongst other systems of injustice, is the reality we have been born into and it is time we unlearn, relearn and rebuild a world that is safe and equitable for all.

How can we bring our whole selves — with all the intersections of our identities and experiences to the work of collective liberation?

#STWEquality #STWAntiOpression #STWJustice

Equality & Anti-Oppression Projects

Allinllam medical center

Pueblo Nuevo, Ferreñafe, Lambayeque, Peru - Abya Yala

Allinllam Kachkani is building the first free health care center for children with physical and mental disabilities in the North of Perú. Each month, the center aims to serve 300 children in the Lambayeque Region, providing them with free access to general and specialized medical care.

Drag king bilingual story time

San Antonio, TX - Coahuiltecan, Jumanos, and Tonkawa land

Drag King Bilingual Story Time—where D.R.A.G. signifies Dancing, Reading, Arte (Art) y Ganas (Movement & Empowerment)!—serves to create family-friendly events that help enrich a child’s development while promoting inclusion. Drag King Bilingual Story Time is the family friendly project direct from the minds of Los MENtirosos Drag Kings, San Antonio’s only all Latinx Drag King troupe.

Black X Film Festival

global - turtle island

Black X Film Festival is a three-day online event started by a collective of Black artists and accomplices to showcase Black creators. Through providing this free event of music and film, we showcase the radical multifaceted expressions of the Black experience by centering Black resilience and a commitment to anti-racism

Equality & Anti-Oppression Resources

Advancement Project

The Advancement Project fights against racial inequity with innovative strategies and works toward a caring, inclusive, and just democracy in the United States.

Climbing Out Of The Man Box: What Does Healthy Manhood Look Like?

There is a growing movement to redefine manhood, and to address ways that violence is baked into our cultural expectations of masculinity. Courageous, visionary men are rising to the challenge. One of those men is activist, writer and public speaker Kevin Powell. In this half-hour, Powell boldly and bravely discusses his experiences with toxic masculinity and his journey to redefine what it means to be a man. This is Climbing Out of the Man Box: What Does Healthy Manhood Look Like?

Black Women’s Blueprint

Black Women’s Blueprint is dedicated to social justice organizing in order to promote the struggle of Black women and girls in the context of larger racial concerns.

“Our mission is to provide services and spaces for healing, reconciliation and human connection with the natural world. Working with land, we bring people together to design and practice strategies for healing, health and reparative economics.”​

“We are building a Reconciliation Center. We invite you to join us in building this vision for holistic reconciliation grounded in spirit, steeped in liberation and honoring our understandings of human connection with the natural world. Take action with us to create paths to peace, restoration, social, economic and environmental justice.”