The Mission

The request for Start the Wave merchandise has always been somewhat of a dilemma for us, as we want to honour our community requests, whilst continuing to uphold our values.

With our collective awareness of the negative effects of consumerism and globalisation on our environment, there is no denying the responsibility we each hold in finding alternative ways to create a sustainable future.

We are being called to rethink how we operate, and find systems and practices that respect and nurture our planet.

At Start the Wave we see this as an opportunity!

Welcome to Start the Wave Eco-Merch — our support-local, upcycled, community initiative!

We hope you’ll join us in supporting this mission.

Our current distribution diameter is 4400 km/2734 miles.

This means a maximum of 2200 km/1367 miles from your location.

Creators, get involved!

Are you creative, environmentally conscious, and would like to help us spread our message?


We are calling out to all creators interested in selling upcycled STW Eco-Merch for your local area (diameter of 4400 km/2734 miles, which means a maximum of 2200 km/1367 miles from your location).


In exchange for donating a flexible percentage of your profits to Start the Wave, we will bring eyes to your creations and encourage those in your local area to vote with their dollar and support your efforts.


You create STW Eco-Merch, we highlight, amplify, and support your work!


Thank you for being part of the change.


We look forward to hearing from you.



Community, get involved!

Search our site for creators in your area (diameter of 4400 km/2734 miles, which means a maximum of 2200 km/1367 miles from your location) and see what Eco-Merch they have to offer on their site.


We acknowledge that our network of Eco-Merch creators is growing and we’d appreciate your support in connecting us to creatives and spreading the message!


If you aren’t finding creators in your area, ask your eco-crafty friends, search where your local art galleries or community centres hold events, and invite anyone who you think could be a good fit!


Share our Eco-Merch application form and invite them to apply.


Thank you for being part of the change.


Share the misson.



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To note...

What we are creating is a somewhat radical attempt at addressing the problems we currently face in the hopes that it will inspire a new way of consuming.

Despite the many elements that have been considered in this process, there will inevitably need to be refinements along the way.

We are opening this idea for a one year trial period starting September 24, 2021.
During this time we would love to hear feedback so that we can streamline this initiative and build a magnificent community eco-movement.

Let’s work together to dream up a new way of creating community merch!