Start the Wave is a movement and non-profit organisation that funds, supports and connects wavemakers worldwide.

We are currently seeking volunteers to join our remote team of beautiful humans who are committed to carrying out this important mission.
PLEASE NOTE: We will do our best to respond to all submissions, but may not be able to due to bandwidth constraints. If you’ve not heard back from our team within two weeks of your application, please assume that we’ve saved it to our files for future reference and will reach out if another opportunity matching your qualifications arises. Please refrain from reaching out to us for confirmation or to our team members individually for application statuses.

The details

  • Each position below is estimated to require between 3-7 hours of work a week, we are a committed but flexible group!
  • All positions are strictly volunteer and not compensated.

Ready to apply?

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Selected candidates will receive an email about next steps from one of our current volunteers.

Please note, Dom will not be included in any interviews or correspondence.

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced fundraising coordinator with excellent communication, networking and organizational skills and abilities. The fundraising coordinator will be responsible for building relationships and forming connections with prospective, previous and current donors. They will develop and implement fundraising strategies and will plan, oversee and organize events and campaigns to raise money for Start the Wave.


  • – Research, identify and contact prospective donors
  • – Maintain donor information records
  • – Develop and implement fundraising strategies and initiatives
  • – Research fundraising opportunities
  • – Create fundraising goals and solicits funds to meet these goals
  • – Maintain fundraising campaigns and events calendar
  • – Plan, organize and oversee campaigns and/or events to solicit donations
  • – Create fundraising message for both donors and general public
  • – Implement marketing strategies and promotional campaigns to raise awareness
  • – Evaluate the success of fundraising campaigns and events
  • – Create, send, manage applicable donor documents such as tax receipts

Skills and Experience

  • – 3-5 years of fundraising experience
  • – Deep knowledge and understanding of the charity/non-profit sector, including applicable laws and regulations

Job Description

The Eco-Merch Initiative leader serves as an Eco-Merch community organizer through outreach to potential and current artists, development of the Eco-Merch program, and meetings that engage the Eco-Merch creators. This position will oversee a majority of programming developed to engage the STW community to increase the visibility of the STW Eco-Merch initiative, create awareness of what conscious consumerism is and how each individual can help create a sustainable future, and promote our Eco-Merch creators.

Note that while this position is a leadership position, you will be working as a part of a team and will be provided as much support as possible to help grow this initiative.



  • – Research, identify and contact prospective artists/creators
  • – Maintain Eco-Merch creator records and administrative organization
  • – Develop and implement Eco-Merch initiatives
  • – Create Eco-Merch goals and put in place strategies to meet these goals
  • – Maintain relationship between STW and Eco-Merch creators
  • – Implement marketing strategies and promotional campaigns to raise awareness of the Eco-Merch initiative and amplify the Eco-Merch creators

Skills and Experience

  • – At least 1 year of project management experience, including relationship management
  • – Deep knowledge and understanding of eco-conscious consumerism, specifically in regard to the development of new materials from waste
  • – The ability to lead with a regenerative mindset and methodology, to redesign existing production and waste pathways for a truly sustainable future

*we encourage you to apply for this position even if you do not feel fully qualified

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