Meet the Founder

Dear Wavemaker,

I often say Start the Wave found me.


To tell you the truth, I never anticipated that founding a non-profit organization was on my path.


What began as a desire to be of service and find a way to create change, has developed over time, into something so much greater than I could have ever imagined.


I may have planted the initial seed, but what you see today is a reflection of every single soul that has offered their time and wisdom to this movement, of the incredible volunteers (past and present) that have passed through and given their light, and the growing network of STW funded projects that are working towards a better world.


Start the Wave is rapidly becoming an unstoppable web of change, with each wavemaker offering their unique contribution. Witnessing the inspiring vision and courageous execution of this community is medicine for us all.


If you are looking for a network that offers hope, connection and heart-centred support, you are in the right place. I hope that this community can be a safe space for you to land and gather resources, as you expand on your personal mission to bring about positive change.


May we make divinely aligned connections, unlearn and relearn in supportive environments, and build confidence together as we venture to a brighter tomorrow.


Thank you for finding your way here.
Thank you for trusting in change.
Welcome 🙂


All my love and gratitude,