Thanks to your generosity, we will be able to financially support projects around the world that are focused on furthering our mission of creating positive change. 

By donating, you are supporting grassroots initiatives that need our help. 

We plan to redistribute your money to those that have a clear vision of creating a better world through well-thought-out action.

If you know of anyone making waves (including yourself), please reach out and get in touch!

Tax Deductions

Thank you so much for your donation to Start the Wave. Start the Wave is recognized as a tax-exempt non-profit by the IRS, so your donation may be tax deductible. Please note that Start the Wave reserves the right to use all donations as it sees fit.


We will be accepting projects submissions in the coming months. Please check back for updates and keep an eye on instagram and twitter for the most up-to-date information. Thank you!


Please check out our FAQ page or shoot us an email : contact at startthewave dot org

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