Our Mission

Start the Wave is a non-profit organization focused on building an inclusive online community that empowers individuals to find their unique path to create positive change.
One of the ways in which Start the Wave empowers individuals on this journey is by supporting and promoting projects that create positive change worldwide. 
We all have a choice to use this time of rapid evolution to join forces and create a New World. 
At Start the Wave, we believe in a global movement based on love and kindness that focuses on finding positive solutions to our world’s problems.
Our main areas of focus are:

Do you have a grassroots project that needs support or funding? 

You are in the right place! 

We are here to highlight your ideas, connect like-minded individuals, and bring attention to your efforts.

Soon, once we’ve opened up for submissions, we may also be able to empower you financially and give you the tools necessary to grow your projects and endeavours. 

We believe that in today’s climate, we all need to be consciously aware of our world’s injustices and actively work together to create a brighter future for all.

WE ARE ONE, and yet we are all beautifully different, each with our own unique strengths, visions, and ideas. 

Perhaps you don’t know what conscious venture you are passionate about yet?

Follow us on our social platforms to get inspired by others as we showcase what is possible when we align what is truly important to us.

With a strong focus on meditation and spirituality, we encourage you to take steps to demystify and bring clarity to your soul’s calling. 

By embarking on a journey to finding your true authentic self you begin to connect with your unique purpose… your POWER.

We welcome you to a community that encourages your evolution, celebrates your journey, and helps you feel less alone in the process.

Start the Wave is a caring, connected, conscious community. 

It’s time to wake up to what is really important and encourage others to do the same. 

Let us empower each other on the road to choosing our light. 


"Here we consider the notion of possiblity and positive change and together encourage each other to go forward and make this world a better place."
Dominque Provost-Chalkley
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