Our Mission

Start the Wave is non-profit organization focused on building an inclusive online community that empowers individuals to find their unique path to create positive change. 
In our current climate, it’s no secret that we all need to make efforts to change the fate of our future. 
Do you have a project that you believe could create positive waves in your area? 
If so, start by posting about it on our Meetups page to inform others in your community – connection is key!!
As of 2020, we will be accepting donations and therefore, able to support the projects that are in alignment with our values and mission here at Start the Wave. 
In the meantime, we encourage you to meditate on how you can help our beautiful planet and if you hear of any projects that could benefit from our assistance, please don’t hesitate to pass on our information. 

Your community

for positive change

This community focuses on a variety of issues, including: 

LGBTQ positive representation

made especially

for you.


Use the meetups and community waves to be inspired by new friends across the globe with similar interests and passions.


This community is for you, make the most of it! We encourage you to use this site to stretch your understanding. Be open, listen and receive all that comes your way.


Check out our resources page to get you started and please don’t hesitate to send some of your favourites our way - We want to keep learning too! Let’s all continue to question everything and educate ourselves on this beautiful planet we call home.


Go out and Start the Wave in your local community… Tell others about our new wave of consciousness and encourage them to get involved!

"Here we consider the notion of possiblity and positive change and together encourage each other to go forward and make this world a better place."
Dominque Provost-Chalkley
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