Our Mission: To build an inclusive online community that empowers individuals to find their unique path to create positive change.

The ‘why’ behind our Mission:

Start the Wave is a movement and a non-profit organisation that funds, supports, and connects wavemakers worldwide.

By redistributing wealth to folx that are planting seeds for an improved future, we hope to raise the collective vibration and contribute to bringing in a new world.


We currently have one round of funding per year and have funded multiple projects across the globe. 

At Start the Wave, we understand and lean into the power of our interconnectedness. We have witnessed the magic that occurs when people with a similar vision meet and come together.
This is why we have created the Start the Wave Online Community for our Funded Projects and STW Eco Merch – to connect folx that are invested in creating sustainable, impactful, and positive change.

Through this online hub, wavemakers can learn from each other’s expertise, exchange knowledge, and infuse it into action on the ground. They can take inspiration, reciprocate support, and collaborate around common passions and projects.


At Start the Wave, we are utilizing the internet to create a web of change, building upon each other’s efforts towards collective liberation and connecting the dots to a brighter future.


We are in this together and we are stronger as one.


Thank you for learning more about us and being a part of the change.

Our STW Pillars

Our pillars are the themes and areas that we choose to focus on at Start the Wave. 

They are our foundation, and what holds us up.