Start the Wave is a non-profit organisation that funds, empowers and connects positive changemakers worldwide.

We are currently accepting submissions for STW funded projects!

Home - Funding Action

Funding Action

Do you have a grassroots project that needs support? 
We fund grassroots projects in need of financial assistance.
Reach out, spread the word,
and let's create waves worldwide!

Home - Amplifying Change

Amplifying Change

We're here to highlight your projects and shine light onto your important work.
Get inspired by others as we showcase some of the incredible initiatives we are funding, along with other global waves in action!

Home - Encouraging Growth

Encouraging Growth

At Start the Wave we are committed to the unlearning and self education necessary to bring about a new world.
Dig into our resources, connect with others and stay the course.

In today’s climate, it’s essential we become conscious of our world’s injustices and actively work together, utilizing our unique skill set and passions to create a brighter future.

We need all sorts of change makers and healers to bring in this New World and here at Start the Wave we hold space for all of your visions and ideas, as you explore your soul’s mission and bring it to fruition.

It’s high time we turn this ship around, reconnect with our humanity, heal our home, and rediscover our sense of oneness.

We welcome you to a community that encourages your evolution, celebrates your journey, and, hopefully, helps you feel less alone in the process.

Come as you are.

Let us empower each other on the road to making positive change.

Let’s Start the Wave!

"Here we consider the notion of possiblity and positive change and together encourage each other to go forward and make this world a better place."
Dominque Provost-Chalkley
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