Funded Projects

2021 Funded Projects

Archive in the Trees

British Columbia, Canada - Turtle Island

Indigenous-lead, two spirit, grassroots organizers who connect with rural and remote archives to digitize photos, oral histories, documents, language, and just about anything you can think of to create a community based archive


Bogotá, Colombia - Abya Yala

To heal, grow, and transform the LGBTQ2IA+ community. Our vision: We nourish each other, we are antiracist, multiracial LGBTIQ+ people and allies, we are independent from the oppressive world, and interdependent amongst ourselves, we have power as a united group, we resolve conflicts through transformative justice and authentic dialogue

Birth CoMadres Doula Collective

Texas, US - Coahuiltecan, Jumanos, Nʉmʉnʉʉ (Comanche), and Tonkawa lands

Birth Comadres Doula Collective offer postpartum care that feels like home away from home for undocumented people of the area. This includes preparing postpartum care packages, body care sessions and holding space for birth processing with awareness and sensitivity to their culture and traditions

Black Ancestral Reconnection Project

British Columbia, Canada - Turtle Island

The mission of our project is to uplift Black community members living in supportive housing, while creating a circle of community care that extends to the far corners of the lower mainland Black community

Black X Film Festival

global - turtle island

Black X Film Festival is a three-day online event started by a collective of Black artists and accomplices to showcase Black creators. Through providing this free event of music and film, we showcase the radical multifaceted expressions of the Black experience by centering Black resilience and a commitment to anti-racism


Washington, DC, US - Nacotchtank (Anacostan) and Piscataway land

BlkArthouse is a social enterprise organization dedicated to promoting and selling work by emerging Black artists. We aim to increase the accessibility of art and representation of Black artists in the global market

Corporación Otra Escuela [Organization: A Different School

Colombia - Abya Yala

We propose the continuity of the Theater of the Oppressed Women Laboratory (TOA) with the theater group “Las Orquídeas”, in order to finalize and present a forum theater play contributing to the construction and maintenance of peace, reconciliation, equality, and justice for women

Exist 2 Resist – Returning to the Heart of the Earth

Texas, US - Yanaguana, Somi Se'k Territory, Tonkawa, & Chinati

Re-tribalize communities through ceremonial kinships that are tied to the land we currently occupy by helping us maintain and share our healing ceremonies through collectively learning how to build and conduct the sweatlodge ceremony, with help from Kalpulli Ayolopaktzin. Building sweatlodges is also part of our sustainability efforts

Intentional – Intersectional – Intergenerational PLAY

New York, US - Munsee Lenape land

Intentional/Intersectional/Intergenerational PLAY! will offer a space for a community of individuals historically excluded from traditional theatre and media spaces, to come together with the express purpose of creative healing through play

Medicine Wheels

Across the US - Turtle Island

Medicine Wheels is a new Seeding Sovereignty mutual aid and creative arts youth initiative that has grown from our Indigenous Impact Rapid Response Initiative that launched at the start of the pandemic and provided immediate some 200,000 pieces of PPE, food for Indigenous Elders and unsheltered relatives and supplies to communities across some 60 tribal nations

Pink Flamingo

Global - turtle island

Pink Flamingo Presents! The podcast where we talk about art + queerness + race + gender + justice, and what life is like when your existence is intersectional post the dumpster fire that was 2020

South Asian Healing Network (SAH

British Columbia, Canada - Turtle Island

For too long family dysfunction, problematic alcoholism or substance use, and mental health have not been acknowledged across South Asian communities. The South Asian Healing Network aims to tackle these issues by creating a safe environment for self-expression, peer support, and cultural/community learning for South Asian youth ages 15-30

T4T Caregiving

United States - Turtle Island

T4T Caregiving is a group of trans caregivers and doulas who provide guidance, emotional support, postoperative care, and medical advocacy for trans and nonbinary people having gender-affirming surgeries. We provide various community resources and guidance with navigating the surgical process completely free of charge


State of Pernambuco, Brazil - Tabajara lands

Students working intersectionally with local producers, agriculture, and forestry to transform markets into sustainable models, where technology creates bridges between producers and consumers


Philippines - Turtle Island

Our mission is to promote community awareness about urban gardening, medicinal plants, & terrariums; to simply bring back greenery in our modern society. We strive to create alternative methods of planting / growing medicinal & ornamental plants, and remind people that there are many simple ways to grow plants in today’s urban life

Ubuntu Social

Brazil - Abya Yala

Ubuntu social will acquire sewing machines capable of handling thick fabrics, like jeans and others; in other words, industrial machines. The main idea is to turn any garment made of jean fabric or any other material into, for example, a beautiful bag

2020 Funded Projects

Allinllam medical center

Pueblo Nuevo, Ferreñafe, Lambayeque, Peru - Abya Yala

Allinllam Kachkani is building the first free health care center for children with physical and mental disabilities in the North of Perú. Each month, the center aims to serve 300 children in the Lambayeque Region, providing them with free access to general and specialized medical care.

Back to earth


Back To Earth is a project aimed at bringing two concepts together: environmental and cultural preservation. The project will draw upon Indigenous knowledge of working with the soil and will convey this through a 3D hyperreal animation image exposed by a Hologram projector, to show viewers the spiritual and ecological dimensions of taking care of each natural resource.

Beyond belief – spiritual and mental uplift

GLOBAL - turtle island

Beyond Belief is a podcast, derived from Bad Believer, that focuses on connecting the LGBTQ2IA+ community, discussing religious trauma in our lives and highlighting our reconciliation journey into faith, spirituality and our identity. We also provide financial assistance for those that need immediate help accessing counselling or therapy.

Cognitive love

South Florida - Abiaka or Sam Jones, Chipco, Chitto-Tustenuggee and Chakaik

Cognitive spreads awareness about fundamental ethical and ecological values that connect all of humanity by creating inspiring shirt designs to help people think, feel recognized, and empowered, and through educational content and interviews.

Creative being

United Kingdom - turtle island

Creative Being is an online platform that uses creativity as a tool to influence and inspire positive change, helping creative individuals connect, build collaborations, and share their work with the world!

Divergent dance

Tacoma, Washington - Coast Salish and Puyallup land

Divergent Dance is an online project based in Tacoma, that seeks to create, inform and most importantly collaborate with the Irish dance community on how gender and sexuality exists through performance in the community.

Drag king bilingual story time

San Antonio, TX - Coahuiltecan, Jumanos, and Tonkawa land

Drag King Bilingual Story Time—where D.R.A.G. signifies Dancing, Reading, Arte (Art) y Ganas (Movement & Empowerment)!—serves to create family-friendly events that help enrich a child’s development while promoting inclusion. Drag King Bilingual Story Time is the family friendly project direct from the minds of Los MENtirosos Drag Kings, San Antonio’s only all Latinx Drag King troupe.

Greenburgh community garden

Yonkers, NY - Munsee Lenape and Wappinger land

The Greenburgh Community Garden in Yonkers, will provide an experiential learning space for students to learn about gardening and the benefits of eating healthy, local foods. Funds will go towards materials for raised beds, fencing, seeds and plants, and a compost bin.

Hearthcharged heroes

global - turtle island

HeartCharged will provide care packages and patient-to-patient support to young people newly-diagnosed with a heart condition or newly-bionic with a defibrillator. These packages will include a reusable water bottle, motivational/inspirational/educational posters, contact information, and other care items.

Homeless care packages

Columbus, OH - Hopewell, Myaamia, and Shawandasse Tula (Shawanwaki/Shawnee) land

This project will create and distribute care packages to individuals struggling with homelessness in Columbus, where the number of people without secure housing has risen rapidly during COVID. Care packages will include socks, water bottles, blankets, clothing, food, and related items.

Imperfect Eco-Hero podcast

Global - turtle island

Through the power of storytelling, the Imperfect Eco-Hero Podcast, based in Toronto, will connect and celebrate eco-heroes across the globe fighting the climate crisis, presenting stories that inspire and deepen our understanding and respect for the planet.


Frankfurt, Germany - Turtle Island

Kintsugi is a short film project about experiences of loneliness, desolation, and depression and the possibility of achieving happiness from within, through nature.

Let’s go green together (butterfly class)

Romania - Turtle island

Let’s Go Green Together! is a new kindergarten class that will engage children, parents, and the community in nature and empower them to adopt new habits, reducing waste and pollution.

Mango class (anti-bias curriculum)

Raleigh, NC - Skaruhreh/Tuscarora (North Carolina) land

This Raleigh project is focused on creating effective, developmentally appropriate anti-bias curriculum for young children with and without disabilities through a classroom in a non-profit developmental center for children aged 3-5.

Ormond beach shorebird recovery program

Oxnard, California - Chumash and Micqanaqa’n land

The Ormond Beach Shorebird Recovery Program is a project of the Ventura Audobon Society aimed at protecting Endangered and Threateneds Shorebird species. This funding will help the project build new protective fencing around critical nesting habitats at Ormond Beach.

Piedmont farms animal refuge

Chatham County, NC - Iroquoian and Siouan land

Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge provides lifelong care to rescued farm animals and promotes veganism by offering knowledge, support, and community. This grant will help the Refuge meet its goal of becoming a solar-powered sanctuary.

Projeto Q – Advocacia Especializada


Projeto Q – Advocacia Especializada will provide legal support to low-income LGBTQ2IA+ individuals seeking protection or redress for violence or discrimination faced based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Song: equal (amber jay higgins)

Liverpool, England - Turtle Island

“Equal” is a song and music video project that will address gender inequality, homophobia, and transphobia. The project will tackle the issue of representation head on, by creating a piece of digestible media made with the faces and voices of LGBTQ2IA+ at the forefront.

The waves Chile

Chile - Abya Yala

The Waves Chile will work through collective positive action, through activities such as group beach cleanups and self-awareness exercises, to provide educational and therapeutic support for the LGBTQ+ community in Chile, particularly youth.

Trousers for trans

Phoenix, Arizona - Akimel O’odham (Upper Pima), Hohokam, and O’odham land

Trousers for Trans aims to support transgender youth who are beginning transition by organizing local clothing drives in Phoenix, that provide free and safe access to gender-affirming clothes.

Winter care packages

Provo, Utah - Núu-agha-tʉvʉ-pʉ̱ (Ute) land

A project to provide winter care packages for inividuals struggling with homelessness in Provo. Care packages will include water, food, clothing, a blanket, personal care items and information on local resources, with information on what each provides and directions.