STW Values

Think of this community as a sacred space. It is our responsibility to be mindful with what we bring in, what we decide to share, and to create an environment that we would like to come into:

A supportive space TO BE.

STW is a shame-free zone. We hold the safest-space-we-know-how, so that others may feel seen, heard and loved. 


By leading with compassion I contribute to creating an environment where vulnerability is welcomed and embraced.


I choose to use “I” statements and speak from my own experiences rather than representing or generalizing on behalf of a community. 


I commit to kindness, honesty, and authenticity.

A supportive space TO LEARN.

At STW we honour this messy and imperfect human experience, accepting that there will be mistakes along the way. 


By giving others the benefit of the doubt, I acknowledge that we are all doing the best we can with the tools we were given. 


I use inclusive language; staying conscious of using pronouns and gender-neutral terms. 


I understand that we all come from different backgrounds and have different levels of comfort with acronyms, abbreviations and certain language. 


I am mindful of language barriers and make efforts toward language justice wherever possible.


By holding myself and others accountable, we can grow and evolve into the highest versions of ourselves. 


I am open to questions and feedback.


I lean into discomfort. 


At my growth edge is where transformation happens.

A supportive space TO EXPLORE.

I understand the vast differences in our journeys and therefore the unique nature of the magic we each hold within us.


When embarking on the path of self-discovery, I choose to let go of comparison and free myself and others from limiting and restricting beliefs.


I create and contribute to an environment where each of us can explore our depths with trust and freedom.

A supportive space TO CREATE.

We are all creators! At STW we support each other to become impactful and authentic wavemakers.


I strive to be patient and respectful whilst practicing direct, honest, and kind communication.


I hold myself accountable to make agreements that feel good, and at a pace that is healthy, fun and sustainable.


I then hold my agreements, so that we can make magic happen!

A supportive space TO HEAL.

The world is healing from years of oppression, systemic injustice and climate change, not to mention our own individual trauma. 


It’s not always an easy reality to face. 


We are in this together. 


If a trigger arises, I come back to the breath.


I practice self awareness, reflection, and introspection as we heal alongside one another.

A supportive space TO CHANGE.

When I enter a STW space, I let go of any preconceived ideas about others, and instead meet people where they are, in each moment, allowing space for and welcoming change. 


I am willing to unlearn, relearn and rebuild from a place of curiosity, openness and desire to create a more equitable world.


I am here to grow and evolve. 

A supportive space TO CELEBRATE.

When we lift each other up, we shine brighter ourselves. 


With support and encouragement we are much more likely to achieve our full potential — creating a world of love, connection, and hope. 


STW is a supportive space.


I honor and celebrate my wins. 


I throw glitter, not shade.


I support and celebrate others. 

STW reserves the right to approve, edit, or remove any individual’s content, whether it be on our website, Instagram, or YouTube, if it is misaligned with our values. In addition to these rights, any user(s) posting such content may be removed and/or blocked from our social media accounts so that we may continue to provide a supportive, safe space for STW community members, free of judgment, harassment, and hatred.