Creativity & Healing

The world is calling out for deep collective healing and there is no more powerful force than Creativity to assist us in this journey.

It has the ability to reach the depths of our expression, guide us to our truest selves, and encourage us to use our imagination to create new ways outside of what currently is.

Creativity creates language beyond word; breaking down barriers and building bridges between our similarities and differences. This is its power, the ability to share and relate to each other’s emotions and experiences.

The exchange of creative energy causes shifts in our being and becoming.

What is your relationship with creativity? How has creativity supported your growth?

And what part of your creative expression is calling to be explored?

#STWCreativity #STWHealing

Creativity & Healing Projects

Cognitive love

South Florida - Abiaka or Sam Jones, Chipco, Chitto-Tustenuggee and Chakaik

Cognitive spreads awareness about fundamental ethical and ecological values that connect all of humanity by creating inspiring shirt designs to help people think, feel recognized, and empowered, and through educational content and interviews.

Allinllam medical center

Pueblo Nuevo, Ferreñafe, Lambayeque, Peru - Abya Yala

Allinllam Kachkani is building the first free health care center for children with physical and mental disabilities in the North of Perú. Each month, the center aims to serve 300 children in the Lambayeque Region, providing them with free access to general and specialized medical care.

South Asian Healing Network (SAH

British Columbia, Canada - Turtle Island

For too long family dysfunction, problematic alcoholism or substance use, and mental health have not been acknowledged across South Asian communities. The South Asian Healing Network aims to tackle these issues by creating a safe environment for self-expression, peer support, and cultural/community learning for South Asian youth ages 15-30

Creativity & Healing Resources

The Black Women’s Playwright Group

The Black Women’s Playwright Group is a voice for female African American playwrights who write for professional theater.

“The Black Women Playwrights’ Group (BWPG) is a service and advocacy group for African American playwrights writing for the professional theater. Our members include women writing their first play and those who have won many honors and awards. We support the playwriting process by critiquing our members’ work, providing workshops and readings and information on production opportunities, as well as introductions to producers. We are also a touchstone for writers of color at local universities, in the DC Public Schools, residents of group homes, and programs for spouses and children of the incarcerated. The diverse communities of women with which BWPG works are united by a common, fundamental concept of self within family, community, and the world.”


1HOOD is a collective of socially aware activists and artists who use art to raise awareness.