Welcome to the New Website!

Start the Wave is thrilled to introduce our new platform with a bit of a rebrand! As part of the new website we are excited to incorporate more storytelling through our work, include Spanish translations for our website visitors, and introduce our new pillars that are at the crux of our organizational mission.

STW is a non-profit organization that helps promote positive change at a grassroots level. The organization is built on seven pillars which are at the forefront of our minds with everything we do:


  • Creativity and Healing
  • Our Environment
  • Pride
  • Equality and Anti-Oppression
  • Love and Kindness
  • Conscious Consuming
  • Unity and Oneness

About Start the Wave

Start the Wave started as one person, founder Dom P-C, buying a water bottle for each member of their cast and crew, to reduce the use of plastic waste on the set of the production they were working on. Now, two years on, it is an international community of changemakers who create and inspire positive change for their immediate community and the wider world. We do this through projects and acts of kindness, full of love and respect.

We are an online community making real change in the world, and we come together through our shared values of positivity, love, kindness, and respect. We also promote learning and understanding through unlearning the things we’ve been taught and looking to the future to be inclusive and diverse by making the present better. We provide community and professional resources for folx to refer to for learning and help which cover environmental, race, LGBTQ2IA, meditative, mental health and creative topics.

We fund submission-based projects around the world that do the work to create positive change; from helping to provide trans and non-binary folx with gender and identity fitting clothes, to collecting plastic from beaches. We run fundraisers for STW that go toward funding those projects, promote community members and projects on our social media and share positivity! We also work with Eco-Merch creators who sell upcycled products and donate a percentage of their profits to STW. In keeping with environmental consciousness, a distance limit is set so that when folx buy from a creator they are being conscious of their environmental impact.

All the STW team members are volunteers – we dedicate our time to the organization because we want to help promote by helping STW community members make change! We want to see a positive and better world, and STW changemakers are making that happen!


To bring you along as we continue our journey, we’ll be updating the website regularly with blog posts about our work. We’ll cover various topics including podcast interviews, events, webinars we host, as well as introducing our “Community Conversations” series, an interview series with some of the incredible folx we’ve worked with as an additional way to showcase their work and initiatives in their respective communities and beyond.

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