You asked and we answered! Questions and answers that didn’t make the Earp Curse Con panel are below! Thanks to everyone who tuned in to support us!


Start the Wave is incorporated in Delaware, U.S. and is a non-profit organization as recognized by the U.S. IRS and the state of Delaware. 

Start the Wave is an inclusive community that welcomes all humans, from all walks of life, who share a focus in creating positive change for themselves and those around them. Whether you are interested in growth, curious about creating change, or are a passionate and experienced activist — this is the place for you! We recognise that each individual is on a very unique journey and by celebrating that we can learn from one another. We will always have areas in which we can evolve and by meeting each other where we are, we create a safe container for lasting and impactful change. 

Welcome to the family, we are so happy you are here.

Your Start the Wave, Inc. Board of Directors are: 

Dominique Provost-Chalkley | Canada, Montreal

Addie Caulk Derr | US, Durham, NC

Melissa Porter | US, Wilmington, NC

Any comments or questions for the Board of Directors, including requests for the corporate binder, should be sent to contact at startthewave dot org

Start the Wave’s primary channel of communication is via contact at startthewave dot org. Please send all correspondences to either our email address or by filling out the Contact form on our website: Both of these channels are being monitored and can  be used to send us a direct message. 


Instagram is predominantly used as a social media platform in order to mass communicate to the community by utilizing posts and stories. Therefore, if you’d like to get in contact with us, please send a message to the email address listed above. 


We do not use Twitter and will not be monitoring any engagements as it relates to Start the Wave.

While we would love to respond to all of the emails or direct messages via Instagram, the Start the Wave team is a small team and each volunteer also has a day job that they need to tend to.We are so grateful to each and every person who reaches out, but please be aware that there may be times we are unable to respond. There are also many topics/events/emails that require careful consideration and thought in order to provide each individual the care and undivided attention that they deserve, and so some responses may take longer than others.

Start the Wave is focused on measured and purposeful growth in order to best support this beautiful community. In these early stages we are not currently accepting volunteers to help support Start the Wave, Inc. however, we will notify the community as soon as this changes. 

Please email contact at startthewave dot org or visit our contact page to submit any additional questions. Please allow approximately one-two weeks for a response from our team. 

Any requests for our corporate binder and/or IRS documents, should be sent via email to contact at startthewave dot org or through our Contact page. Such documents will be provided to you free of charge and in a downloadable format. 

We are so excited to invite you to this beautiful community.

Start the Wave reserves the right to edit, alter, or choose not to post submissions that may trigger or be offensive to our community. 

This is a safe space to inspire, learn from and grow with each other. 

Additionally, posts or submissions may be edited for length or to omit any personally identifiable information (PII). 

Start the Wave Website and Community is run by a small group of passionate volunteers. We are dedicated to creating a safe and positive place for inspiration, sharing and connection.

Our volunteers work full-time and are actively involved in their local communities.

Should you identify something that needs our attention or just have a question or an idea, please email contact at startthewave dot org, we kindly thank you in advance for your patience – We will do our best to respond as quickly as we can.

Our Partners are organizations or individuals with whom we have entered into a more formal arrangement to work towards a common goal; it is more of a collaborative relationship. STW and any such Partner remain independent entities and have no control over one another’s business decisions. At the moment, STW only has one Partner, Eh Con Canada, for Eh Con Canada’s 2021 Eh Con convention. 

Affiliates and/or Chapters are those that directly or indirectly, through one or more intermediaries, controls, are controlled by, or is under common control with an entity. STW does not currently have any Affiliates or Chapters.

There are also individuals or organizations who STW allows to use the STW name and/or logo through a formal licensing agreement. Currently, we only provide such licensing rights to Earp Bands. 

Lastly, there are individuals and groups/organizations that we amplify on our social media and through our site. We are not partnered or affiliated with these individuals and groups/organizations, but we do believe that they are doing important work and want to let others know about it!

Start the Wave’s primary focus is supporting grassroots initiatives around the world that apply for funding through our STW project submission form found here (link). By donating to Start the Wave you are helping fund projects that may not traditionally get funding from other sources. 


Please note that the global pandemic of COVID-19 caused unexpected delays in opening up for funding. In the meantime we took the decision to forward funds to the following organizations: The Ali Forney Center, Trans Lifeline, Black Youth Helpline, Know Your Rights Camp, the World Food Programme, the Black Health Alliance, Partners in Health, WKU’s ISEC Black Male Initiative, and Loveland Therapy Fund

Moving forward however, all money will be going to our STW Funded Projects initiative and any additional nominal administrative costs.

We absolutely encourage you to donate to other charities directly and will continue doing our best to amplify other incredible organizations creating positive and impactful change across our platforms.

You asked, and your start the wave team answered


Dom:  If you identify and connect with ANY of our philosophies at ‘Start the Wave’, you are part of the community. If ‘Start the Wave’ helps you in ANY way, you are part of the community. If you feel called to create positive change, you ARE part of the community! Our doors are open, everyone is welcome, and I mean EVERYONE. Bring your authenticity, bring your own unique light, and come and play! Just remember to be kind and support each other. We are all on different paths and here at ‘Start the Wave’ we aim to celebrate and lift each other up always. 

More information on how you can take action coming to you very soon!

  • Dom: For me, the COVID pause gave me time to slow down, listen and reflect. During that time some big truths came to the surface that have definitely influenced the direction of ‘Start the Wave’. 2020 has been a big year of uncertainty and unlearning. For me personally it has been important to lean into the discomfort, stay open, and let that fuel my fire to find solutions to move forward towards harmony and love. 
  • Addie: Our community’s safety is paramount to us. With the novel coronavirus changing the way we live our lives, we had to pause on a few things, like accepting submissions for project funding until we felt the world had adjusted to the new normal to the degree folx could carry out projects safely. With social distancing, mask wearing, hand washing and other safety precautions now fully integrated into the way we rock out our days, we felt it was safe to open up submissions in November. It’s no secret the world has changed, and we’ve had to adapt to that, but it won’t stop this incredible force for good. Safety will continue to be at the forefront of all that we do, both for our team and for the community we love so much.

Porter: Due to the state of the world this year, we had to push out submissions for grassroots projects, which was unfortunate. However, this has provided us the opportunity to support many other outstanding organizations! We were able to donate to Trans Lifeline, World Food Programme, Partners in Health, Ali Forney Center, Black Health Alliance, Black Youth Helpline, Know Your Rights Camp, and Loveland Therapy Fund, all of which share our mission and values. We can’t wait to be able to provide funding to community grassroots efforts starting in November!

Dom: Connect with your deepest desires. I believe sustainable change comes when you find your passions – the things that light you up! We need all sorts of healers, earth warriors and change makers on this planet, and so it’s important to forge your own path to positive change. 

It’ll look different for everyone and that’s exactly as it should be. Try not to copy other people, I wasted far too long changing myself to try and be what I thought I should.

Listen to your own inner knowing, get really curious about who you are and where you want to be spending your energy, and then take action. 

If you are someone who is called to Social Media, be sure to take a look at our latest mission to connect and grow our online family.

D2: Our goals and aspirations are to inspire our community to go out into the world and make positive changes in their lives and the world. So an easy answer is to show up and make the changes you can. As Dom mentioned on the panel, everyone’s journey and path will be different and that is one of the things that makes this community beautiful. The changes I make may be different than Julie, or Porter, or you; or they may be the same too. But we are all making changes and in doing so inspiring others (whether we realize it or not) to make their own changes. When I recently participated in the community clean up for ECC we had multiple people stop and ask us what we were doing and why and then mentioned they would do the same in the coming weeks in their neighborhoods. And I was so struck by seeing someone picking up litter it made others want to do it too. And similar to Randi’s answer about veganism, don’t get down on yourself cause you see others making changes you can’t. EVERYTHING you do, whether large or small is making a difference and inspiring others.

Dom: This is a great question, and honestly one I am often checking in with. 

‘Start the Wave’ is about creating positive change towards freedom and liberation, both inside of ourselves as well as for the collective…For ALL those that call this planet home. 

The truth that I have been downloading for years now is WE ARE ONE. We are all interconnected. And we are all equals. It always comes back to that foundation and root. 

If our activist efforts erase and hurt those that are most marginalized and oppressed in society in any way, then we are not achieving our goal. It is at the core of what we do. 

‘Start the Wave’ is and will always be a safe space for all, everyone is welcome. With that in mind we fully accept our responsibility to hold ourselves accountable and continue doing the work to ensure we aren’t perpetuating any of these issues further.

Julie – All of our pillars are always intersecting which is amazing but it also highlights how important it is to zoom out and take in the bigger picture when deciding how to move forward with our activism, resources, social shares, and organizations to donate to. For example, yes going vegan as an individual is the single biggest thing you can do to combat the climate crisis. However, there is a mahoosive difference between someone who lives in an area with close proximity to fresh produce and healthy ingredients/ is within a certain wealth bracket vs. an individual who is lower income and lives in a food desert, where public transit like busses also has a max two grocery bag rule in place. To the latter this ask becomes a much more daunting/impossible task.  Taking into consideration these two truths that do exist in our world while we source resources and promote individual positive change is essential and something we are working on getting better at. Whether you are driving to your local organic grocer or taking the two busses required to get to the only grocery store within reasonable distance, we want to be able to provide credible information for you no matter where you may land on the socioeconomic spectrum.

  • D2: Be conscious of your actions. Once I did the “basics” of sustainability (reusable water bottles, cloth shopping bags, etc.) I started to dive deep into the small actions we often overlook. With our recent Dive Into Action around our Plastic Free Shopping list, we highlighted this philosophy but it’s basically going to the grocery store and needing something and seeing a plastic container and a glass container with the same thing and choosing the glass cause it can be repurposed in your home, or recycled forever. Buy locally instead of ordering it online to be shipped. Explore a plant-based diet. So ya, I guess the best way to sum this up is “Be Conscious.” 
  • Julie – I think nurturing a shift in our mindsets is extremely valuable when trying to practice tangible changes. On the panel I mentioned shifting your mindset away from ‘entitled to’ when it comes to veganism. And I believe that rings even truer when specifically talking about the climate. Think of the societal shift that would naturally happen if we were raised thinking ‘I have obligations to’ instead of ‘I am entitled to’? All of a sudden water becomes more sacred, you really start questioning the necessity of your new purchases, you start factoring that organic isn’t just healthier for you it’s healthier for our planet and the farmers, and so on and so on. That simple shift in entitlement forces you to zoom way out and see the possible positive and negative ripples of our actions and choices. We all need to be a part of the change, personal, government, and corporate to back this climate crisis beast up. My personal aim for my time here is to be a good ancestor. I want my great great grand bebe’s to inherit a planet that is not in distress. A planet that doesn’t have an Earth Overshoot Day of only 6months into the year. A planet that isn’t occupied by folx who think they are entitled to natural resources at a rate that is faster than the earth’s ability to regenerate. Also, VOTE!
  • Randi – Education is key. The more you learn, the more you realise how much power you, as an individual, actually have. And with that knowledge, you can share what you’ve learned and bear witness to that ripple effect. I’m a fan of palatable information and explanations that resonate with all types of people. Not everyone will feel connected to the reasons I want to help the planet, that’s why learning as much as possible is so important. For example, the appeal to do even better for the sake of the next generation may not align with one person, but knowing that resources like coffee, rice, and chocolate will become less available as the countries who produce those goods for us will likely be hugely affected by climate change, may cause them second guess some of their decisions.

    And Vote!!
  • Dom: Hopefully I would have let my queer flag fly a hell of a lot earlier and I’d like to think it may have inspired me to waste less time worrying about how to fit in, helping me to connect with my own inner compass and authenticity.
  • Addie: I was a weird kid with a largeness inside of me (read that: I had a LOT of big feelings) I wasn’t quite sure what to do with. I struggled to find somewhere I belonged. In order to “fit in” (which is not belonging) I shut down pieces of myself so I could float easily between social groups and get along with everyone (read that: I could pass by as some definition of ‘normal’) Had I found a Start the Wave earlier in life, I don’t think I would have turned the volume down on myself as a teen and as a young adult. From a more operational standpoint:  I became a vegetarian in the 7th grade, and would probably have transitioned to a vegan diet much sooner. I would have been much more cognizant of sustainable practices and taken steps to reduce the amount of single use plastics etc. 
  • Porter: I grew up in northern MN where hunting is a BIG deal… like we literally got days off from school for hunting season. So I didn’t think twice about eating animals or animal byproducts, it was just a way of life. I think an organization like STW would have brought me to the place I am now, but much sooner in life. As I mentioned on the panel, the positive representation within the good ol’ show South of Nowhere helped me realize my true self in terms of my sexuality, but even as I witnessed it and came to terms with it, I had nobody to talk to about it and nowhere to turn. I like to believe that if an organization like STW existed at that time, I would have been able to be comfortable with myself much sooner. I believe that I would have grown to appreciate my journey and would have been much kinder with myself. 
  • D2: I would for sure be a hippy living in the woods in a solar powered cabin. But on a more serious note I would have definitely started on my path to living more sustainably much earlier. I would have become a vegan sooner, reduced my plastic consumption sooner, and so on. I can look at all the changes I have made in the last 3 years and said “I would have done that years ago!” I feel so blessed to be able to provide this trajectory and mindset to my son now so he can grow up living the way I wish I had. And he can go out and inspire his fellow humans to do the same. 
  • Porter: Hmm there are several things that I try to bring into my every day to make waves. I start my day with my meditation, which varies based on my current mood or situation. I try to educate myself on new topics that can move the ball forward with environmental and equality efforts. And lastly, I try to give at least two people a compliment every day; whether it be in person, over the phone, or even on social media, I try to make sure that people (friends, family, or strangers) know that they’re awesome… because they should know it! 
  • D2: My answer would be to be kind to everyone. It’s amazing when you offer a kind gesture to someone and they just light up cause they don’t expect it. It fills my bucket every day!
  • Julie – honestly, just smile at everyone. 1950’s style big smiles and hello’s to randoms on the street is legit straight up goodness. 
  • Randi – It’s my goal in life to make people feel good about themselves.  I use every opportunity to tell people how special they are and to express how much I care for them. 
  • Porter: Take baby steps. Remember that all great things take time and if you’re seeking to do it all at once, you’ll likely get overwhelmed and feel as though you’re failing. Instead, be sure to implement small changes; start meditating 5 min/day, commit to eating no meat for one day/week, volunteer at a local shelter one day a month or a quarter, etc. Just keep in mind that any positive step is a good step 🙂
  • Julie – get cozy and comfortable with a daily meditation practice. Your inner you knows what’s up. Practice weeding through the mental chaos so you can hear your heart guide you. 
  • Randi – Put your ego aside and embrace internal discomfort. Change from within means a tonne of unlearning and relearning which can often be challenging, but keep the faith that in the end you’ll be better for it.

Addie: I did, and here’s why: A movement like Start the Wave can only be successful if its leader is pure of heart and is “all in”, if it’s supported by a team who is just as committed, and if the community surrounding the movement shows up. 

When I first spoke with Dom three years ago a few things were evident to me immediately. First, the values of Start the Wave are encoded on her DNA. Second, she recognizes and honors the incredible platform afforded to her and is so full of gratitude for the way it multiplies her desire to bring about positive change. Third, she understands there is no “right” way to do this work, we all have a different journey and can collectively support each other in finding our way to something better. (I could go on easily…

A soul like that organically attracts a kick-ass team with the right skills at the right time (which is key) to turn dreams into action. One by one, as we grow, we’ve each appeared in just that way, at the exact right time, with the right skills to bridge the organization to the next milestone. 

These ingredients, combined with a force like the Earpers, a stunning breed of incredible souls who show up in the most beautiful ways, only magic will follow, and it has… and the best part? We’re just getting started!

Addie: I would love to see Start the Wave grow to include chapters all over the globe, each doing boots-on-ground important work at the community level. This could include advocacy work on local policies and initiatives, support of programs that focus on sustainable agriculture, diversity and inclusion at every table where decisions are made, meditation guidance from early education to nursing homes, wider distribution of plant-based alternatives in grocery stores etc. etc. ( I could keep going, clearly we have a lot of work to do, and what a beautiful gift that we can all lean in and do this work shoulder to shoulder. )

D2: I really can’t top Addie’s answer so I will just add “Please let me still be on the team in 10 years!” 

Dom: To tell you the truth, I paused on the meditations because I didn’t feel equipped to speak towards the 3rd eye chakra quite yet. My intention is to continue exploring meditation with the hopes that it leads me to sharing more. I really enjoyed doing them, so fingers crossed the inspiration finds me again. 

Dom: The music is from a great Youtube channel called Meditative Mind.

  • Porter: Yep! I try to meditate every day and I have had to set a daily reminder and work my practice into my morning routine in order to stay consistent. Beyond that, I ensure that I am physically comfortable so that I am not focusing on my posture/warmth/etc., but instead fully focusing on my meditation practice and concentration and I would highly recommend using a guided meditation app, like Calm.  
  • D2: I meditate every day, sometimes more than once. It is an AMAZING stress reliever. My tips to get started are to make a dedicated space for it. It has helped me to have consistency in my routine around meditating: sitting in the same place, having the same surroundings, lighting the same candle, etc. Outside of Dom’s amazing meditations, I am obsessed with Insight Timer (an app) and use it for quick 10 minute breathing exercises during my work day, to help me fall asleep at night, and Dora Kamau, whom we have highlighted on our IG, is a must follow!
  • Dom: Yesterday’s panel was a big one for me. Seeing our beautiful team together and reminiscing on how far we’ve come. This has been one hell of a journey and proves to me that anything is possible! Long may it continue to shift, grow and evolve to wherever we are called! 
  • Porter: It’s quite difficult to narrow down what I believe to be STW’s “greatest” accomplishment thus far, but I think it’s been the amazing growth within the community and all of the constant outpour of positivity. I can’t wait to see us continue to grow and support more and more individuals in their own journey to make this world a more positive place! 
  • D2: I mean, becoming a Non-Profit is a pretty big deal, in my opinion. I am so damn proud of what this little spark in Dom’s brain has become. I am a much more “live in the moment” kind of human, but short term I can’t wait to see us fund some projects and empower the community even further. We can only go up from here!
  • Randi – I haven’t been a part of the team for very long but I’d say that the community STW has brought together is pretty darn special.
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