Start the Wave is incorporated in Delaware, U.S. and is a non-profit organization as recognized by the U.S. IRS and the state of Delaware. 

Your Start the Wave, Inc. Board of Directors are: 

Dominique Provost-Chalkley | Canada, Montreal

Addie Caulk Derr | US, Durham, NC

Melissa Porter | US, Wilmington, NC

Any comments or questions for the Board of Directors, including requests for the corporate binder, should be sent to contact at startthewave dot org

Yes! You can make a donation to Start the Wave, however, we are in the process of obtaining our tax exempt designation. Any donations made prior to this designation will not be eligible for tax exemption. 

Online donations will be available in early 2020. 

To make a donation today – please email: contact at startthewave dot org. 

Start the Wave is focused on measured and purposeful growth in order to best support this beautiful community. In these early stages we are not currently accepting volunteers to help support Start the Wave, Inc. however, we will notify the community as soon as this changes. 

Please email contact at startthewave dot org or visit our contact page to submit any additional questions. Please allow approximately one-two weeks for a response from our team. 

Any requests for our corporate binder and/or IRS documents, should be sent via email to contact at startthewave dot org or through our Contact page. Such documents will be provided to you free of charge and in a downloadable format. 

We are so excited to invite you to this beautiful community.

Start the Wave reserves the right to edit, alter, or choose not to post submissions that may trigger or be offensive to our community. 

This is a safe space to inspire, learn from and grow with each other. 

Additionally, posts or submissions may be edited for length or to omit any personally identifiable information (PII). 

Start the Wave Website and Community is run by a small group of passionate volunteers. We are dedicated to creating a safe and positive place for inspiration, sharing and connection.

Our volunteers work full-time and are actively involved in their local communities.

Should you identify something that needs our attention or just have a question or an idea, please email contact at startthewave dot org, we kindly thank you in advance for your patience – We will do our best to respond as quickly as we can.

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