KK Foster

I do pencil drawings and sell my paintings and try as often as possible to sell locally and through word-of-mouth, to avoid additional packaging. While I continue my pursuit to use more eco-friendly art supplies, I want to use up all of my current supplies. I have used a torn canvas to create art, use every ounce of paint I have, and use old cups and paper to create lines on some pieces. I use old boxes to protect the paintings when I do need to ship them as well.

To support KK’s work, please contact her through instagram @kkfosterartist

For this initiative to work we must all be conscious of our actions.
The responsibility to purchase locally lies in the hands of the buyer.

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New Jersey, USA
| Nanticoke Lenni Lenape, Ramapough Lenape, Powhatan Renape
KK Foster

About KK Foster

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The Artist

I love to create. I am a lyricist and artist, and creating fills me with so much love and peace. It truly is healing and inspiring. I have been drawing and writing lyrics since I was about 10 years old.

Their Passion

I started painting just before the pandemic. I started painting significantly more to help ease my anxiety through quarantine and focused a lot of my pieces on spreading love. Everything that I create, I want it to have a positive message. My goal with both my lyrics and art is to spread love, and create positive change and connection. I want people to know they matter and they aren’t alone. Start the Wave and all it stands for, has raised my awareness and inspired me in so many ways, and my hope is that I can make a positive impact too.

A Final Word

Creating means so much to me, it’s truly a part of who I am and comes from my heart and soul. I believe art can help change the world in so many ways. I would love to do my part and bring some positivity and love into the world with Start the Wave.