Hayley Bosworth

I create hand-crafted journals/sketchbooks made using recycled materials, along with hand printed and reworked up-cycled t-shirts and other eco-conscious apparel.

For this initiative to work we must all be conscious of our actions.
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Brighton, UK
Hayley Bosworth

About Hayley Bosworth

Mission Statement

Like most of us, I aim to be a good human.  

Since fully leaning into my creative side, I have found myself become more conscious and mindful in my everyday life – being especially aware of my surroundings and my own impact on the environment.  

Naturally, that has led me to think about the impact of my art, too.

As I navigate my journey as an eco-conscious artist, I hope to create art with passion and purpose. Art that inspires connection and influences positive change.   

Mission Statement

By choosing to be eco-conscious and making that connection between creativity and sustainability, I hope that my efforts inspire others to become more aware, too.  

 We are stronger together, and it’s through collaboration and connection, a shared vision, and continually learning and growing together that we can fully step into our potential as creative changemakers. 


I hand make all journals and sketchbooks using mostly recycled materials.  

(The only thing not recycled is the paint and ink used to decorate the covers – though these are mostly made from collages of old paintings that I have recycled!) 

All t-shirts and other items of clothing are sourced and customised by me.  Starting out as thrift store finds, I hand print and re-work them to create one-of-a-kind eco-friendly wearable statement pieces that spread kindness and awareness.