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We are here to empower you in whatever socially/environmentally conscious venture speaks to you. In our current climate, we all need to make brave, conscious change in order to save our planet. We are here to support, nurture and grow those ideas that are close to your heart. Please tell us about them below.

How are you bringing positive change to our world?

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After the 2016 election I decided I needed to get involved in the political process in my county. I'm an openly queer woman living in a rural, conservative county where Trump supporters are the majority. I was elected a Precinct Committee Person (D) in 2018, and I'm a Congressional District Delegate for my county in the state Democratic Party. I also created an LGBTQ Democratic Caucus in my county which I'm the chair of. These are unpaid positions that I do when I'm not working. I have a full-time job as a Software Engineer. As a Precinct Comittee Person, my main job is to help people get registered to vote and educate people on the political process so they can make informed decisions. I also try to get young people, queer people and people of color involved because representation really does matter in politics. When I first started going to the county Democratic meetings I was usually the youngest person there, and I'm 43! Now we have a Young Democrats Caucus. I've had to overcome some difficult personal obstacles to get where I am. I've had social anxiety for as long as I can remember. Anxiety would just eat up all my energy and then I'd get depressed. So, before I could do anything I started going to therapy. I got on medication for anxiety and I started mediating and hiking to keep it in check. I'll be on the ballot again this year and working to get out the vote in my county. I really hope more people get involved in the political process, not only as voters in elections, but as representatives and board members year round. If people don't like the way politics operate in the country, they have to get involved in the process. Even if it's just showing up to meetings and listening at first.
oregon / usa
Here we go: ~Eat healthy (try to make it vegan as much as possible)
~Work out everyday
~Meditate everyday
~Make donations
~Use less plastic
~Be kind to myself
~Be kind to people
~Be kind to Mama Earth
~Use moon cup & convince my sisters to use it
~Try to be the best version of myself
oman / South al batina
Me and my dad are practicing sustainable farming. We believe that it's possible to have quality sustainable food system without harming the environment. Producing crops as organically as possible, planting more trees and hopefully inspire others to do the same in future.
I have always been someone who enjoys helping others & over the last couple of years have been more involved in volunteering, including volunteer work in Thailand with rescued elephants (going again in February), volunteer work in Cambodia in a local community &, closer to home, litter picking, beach clean ups & dog walking for the sick & elderly. I would love to do more but unfortunately I have to work full time. Personally, I've seen a change in my habits & way of thinking. I've reduced the amount of plastic I use & this year I have decided to considerably reduce the amount of meat I eat. I'm sharing things via social media to try & make people more aware of things they can do to help & I have had some success. "From little acorns mighty oaks grow" I would like to say that Start The Wave/Dominique you are a true inspiration for young & old (like myself!). Together we can make this world a better place.
leigh-on-sea / england
During the last Clean Up I was told by an older lady: "Even if there is so much bad. So much bad influence. Never let your positive attitude / commitment be taken away. " These words and the gratitude of others, while picking up other people's garbage, keeps me doing it again and again. I don't have to do it. No one is pushing me. I do it, because I want to. Because the nature can't do it on its own. Because I get to know so many new people. If you do a Clean Up : Don't put yourself in dangerous situations. Wear gloves, especially if you find broken glass, used syringe or anything that is sharp. Be sure, sometimes you find things you don't really want to find but on the other hand you might find some money ;).
Cologne / Germany
Where I live, there isn't a recycling system in place the way that there is a trash system. Because of this, I have started my own little system in my household and among other family and friends in order to recycle any materials we can. I collect these items in bins and take them to the recycling center myself once they are full since there is unfortunately no recycling pick up. I also work with friends to donate the books that our school library discards to different organizations such as foster homes and low income schools in our community. 🙂
location not disclosed
It's probably the usual things, I've become a vegan and have disposable single use plastic from my life and that of my family and friends. But the most important thing I have learned and i am learning right now is on my bagpacking tour through Asia. I have learned so much about myself and learned new things, observed other perspectives and got to know really great people. So it happened that I and a few people started a spontaneous cleanup on a few beaches in India, we are still friends and are still in contact. But that is exactly what shows that you are not alone no matter what you do, even if you sometimes believe it.
seehausen / germany
Well I've always been a positive person but I started my journey to a full positive change at the end of 2017. I became vegan and started helping in my community by giving back more and helping/feeding the homeless. I also spread positivity throughout everywhere I go. I've always said that "you never know what someone is going through" someone could be having the worst day of their life and a simple compliment or a small positive chat can lighten and change someone whole day around. I remind myself to always give care and love to everyone and to beautiful mother earth but I feel like I could do more in 2020, I am not sure how or where to begin. I just know I want better for this world and the people in it and I want to help make that change. First I just gotta stop doubting myself about my ability to make a real difference in this world.
riverview / usa
The environmental crisis is, in my opinion, the result of a spiritual, cultural crisis. Because we have lost the notion of community, support and kindness, we have learned to lean on only ourselves and not care about who we hurt in the process. Therefore, I decided to fight against loneliness the best way I know how: with culture. As an art history student and a public library worker, I truly believe that art and culture is a wonderful way not only to bring people together, but also to reconnect with our roots as a community. I started to volunteer at the library to bring books to those who can't physically go themselves. While I am with them, I ask about their day, what they thought of the previous book. Did it bring back some memories? Tell me about them! I ask if they need someone to shovel the snow in their driveway or if they need anything at the grocery store, while I am at it. I learn something from each and every person I visit. It's not much, but it is my wave. What surprised me the most is how much I, myself, gain from it too. I am learning how to be comfortable around new people but mostly, I learn new stories that helps me build mine.
Quebec / Canada

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