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We are here to empower you in whatever socially/environmentally conscious venture speaks to you. In our current climate, we all need to make brave, conscious change in order to save our planet. We are here to support, nurture and grow those ideas that are close to your heart. Please tell us about them below.

How are you bringing positive change to our world?

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Positive Actions

Your Waves


Get inspired by waves focused on zero waste, reducing carbon emissions, educating communities about climate change and more!

LGBTQ+ Positivity

Learn from your community members who are committed to supporting and advancing LGBTQ+ issues with positivity and kindness.


See what others are doing to spread kindness in their live and communities all over the world. What are you doing to spread kindness in your daily life? Please tell us above! 


 Explore a variety of other positive acts our community is doing to change their lives and the world for the better. These waves are focused on animal welfare, veganism, political activism and more. 

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