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Dom P-C

Founder & Vision keeper


Dom is a queer, non binary, gender fluid, light-worker, activist and artist.

They are best known for their role in Syfy’s TV show – Wynonna Earp, where they played a bisexual young woman coming into her sexuality and personal power. 

With a huge passion for growth and healing as well as dance and music, they are exploring the intersection of these practices, using creativity as a vehicle for transformation. 

They profoundly believe that we all have magic inside of us and when we listen deeply to our hearts calling, let go of our systematic conditioning, and find the courage to follow our purpose, amazing things can transpire. 

One of their greatest joys is to support wavemakers in their important work of bringing in a brighter tomorrow. 

The individuals and projects that Start the Wave has collaborated with are a huge source of inspiration for Dom and they feel honoured to continue growing this movement alongside such an amazing community.


business relations

pronouns: she/her

Porter is a neurodivergent queer, advocate, activist, and, by trade, legal counsel for a media collaboration SaaS company.

Within STW, she primarily works on the business-related items, including partner relationships and collaborations, corporate paperwork and filings, and nonprofit strategy and governance. 

Porter digs absolutely everything STW stands for. She hopes to use her privilege to elevate historically excluded folx and to advocate for a better future for all. She has a true passion for learning and strives to continue to grow and evolve. Porter is extremely thankful to be part of STW and to see all of the positive change that this beautiful STW community is creating.


Design & Content strategy

PRONOUNS: they/them

D2 currently works in Change Management Communications for a major financial institution, where they have nurtured their strategic planning and graphic design skill sets. 

They manage STW’s graphic design needs for all channels and communications, strategize the content and roll out for our Instagram account, and track and organize all of our projects. They are passionate about how positive change can impact the world and strongly believes in the work STW is doing to achieve that goal. They are a constant advocate for kindness in all forms and uses that as a foundational pillar in raising their son, Toby. 

When not working/volunteering, you’ll find D2 spending time with Toby, creating art in any form they feel inspired by (sketching, painting, upcycling, etc.), and enjoying nature on one of the many hiking trails near home.

Randi Ramdeen

Funded Projects Coordinator


Randi is a Social and Political Organizing professional whose focus in life has always been to help bring about positive change. 
Randi’s drive for a better future led her to Start the Wave where she spends most of her time on project coordination, resource research, and caption text for social media posts. 
In her spare time you can often find Randi marching in meaningful protests, shopping at local health food stores, or hanging out on a patio with the wonderful group of humans she calls her family. 

Danielle Thoeni

amplification & Tech strategy


Danielle is a strategy & operations executive at an information technology and services company when she’s not volunteering for Start the Wave. 

She focuses on STW’s social media needs such as brand amplification & alt-text/image description creation, managing email marketing & communications and support the orgs’ objectives through leveraging existing & emerging technologies. Danielle is passionate about helping others and hopes to impact meaningful change, give back and do good.

In her free time, you’ll find her in California where she enjoys tv/movies, music, great food & wine and playing board games with her husband Jim.


Language Justice

PRONOUNS: they/she

Lina is a first generation immigrant from Colombia who moved to the United States in 2003. After graduating from college with a BA in languages and education, and after doing a short stint as a teacher, Lina discovered her passion was languages. For the past 17 years, Lina has worked and volunteered with a variety of nonprofits whose work revolves around justice issues (immigration, domestic violence, workers rights, economic inequality, health access, LGBTQIA+ issues, and others.) in Western North Carolina. Lina currently works for a local county government, is a contract translator and interpreter for a language justice cooperative based in NC, and will be furthering her education as a translator with UMass Boston in the fall.

As a new member of STW, Lina is focusing on providing interpretation and translation, with the long-term aim of developing a language justice approach inside the organization, to support STW’s goal of building an inclusive global community that empowers change-makers from all walks of life. Lina is looking forward to becoming more familiar with the organization to provide support in other areas.

In her spare time, Lina enjoys hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, sharing meals with friends along with quite a lot of dancing, reading, and learning to play the ukulele.

Barbie H

community building

PRONOUNS: they/them/elle

Barbie is a trans-non-binary fat queer Mexican immigrant, activist, and the organizing and training Manager at a statewide reproductive health & rights organization.  Barbie is the national recruitment co-coordinator for Mijente, a political casita (home) for Latinx/Chicanx folx who seek racial, economic, gender, and climate justice in the US & Puerto Rico. 

Since 2018 they have served as a member of the LGBTQ+ advisory committee to the Mayor in their South Texas city. In 2017 Barbie co-founded Son Queers, a collective of queer, trans & non-binary musicians that share, teach and play traditional son jarocho music in a safe inclusive environment with the mission of healing through art and music and resisting the hetero-patriarchal-normativity that is prevalent in the son jarocho culture. 

Barbie is also a founding member of Los MENtirosos San Antonio’s premiere all Latinx drag king troupe. In October 2019, Barbie published the first edition of La Gorda Zine, a zine to write their experiences navigating & existing in the world in a fat trans queer body. Barbie recently joined the Star The Wave team focusing on community building, holding space, creating connections and meaningful relationships, and in turn raising the vibrations for this beautiful thriving community of positive change-makers.

You can find Barbie around Texas leading chants on a megaphone, lovingly yelling at people to vote, playing the jarana with Son Queers, or transforming into their drag king persona Pancho Panza and dancing the night away.

Jordan summers

community building


Jordan joined Start The Wave as a community builder and is excited to connect folks who want to maximize positive change.

Her roots are in nonprofit work with a focus on creating access to education for marginalized and LGBTQ2IA+ communities. A multi-instrumentalist, she feels most free when playing or composing music.

Jordan loves cooking, hiking, reading, and fueling her curious mind through deep dives into IMDb and Wikipedia. 


We wouldn't be here without you!

Addie Caulk — Website and Founding Board Member 

Jules Tatone — Content and Social Media Development 

Sarah Sohn — Project Funding and Process 

Jasmin Palermo — Design & Merch Launch

Giovanna Parise — Video Creation and Editing 

Heather Patterson — Video Captioning Support (Supported by

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