Meet theTeam

Some cool humans


Chan C
Operations & Business Relations
She / They
Danielle Thoeni
Amplification & Tech strategy
She / Her
Taylor Moore
Storytelling & Communications
She / Her
Design & Content Strategy
They / Them
Dom P-C
Founder & Vision keeper
They / Them
Language Justice
They / She
Business relations
She / Her
Charlotte Vial
Website Wizard
She / Her
Randi Ramdeen
Funded Projects Coordinator
She / Her
Jordan Summers
Community Building
She / Her
Portia Helena
Community Researcher
She / Her

Special thanks to all additional volunteers currently helping us create waves...

Giovanna Parise — Video Creation and Editing
Heather Patterson — Video Captioning Support (Supported by

…and to those who have helped us create waves along the way. We wouldn’t be here without you!

Jasmin Palermo — Design & Merch Launch
Addie Caulk — Website and Founding Board Member
Jules Tatone — Content and Social Media Development
Sarah Sohn — Project Funding and Process
Barbie H – Community Building

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