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The way I'm bringing positive change is first off by being an out lesbian woman. As someone who deeply cares about the environment, as we all hopefully should, I attend protests and do my part in day-to-day life to reduce waste to save our mother Earth. I'm also someone who helps everyone I can when I can with mental health. Mental health has a massive stigma that needs to be broken, let's talk about it! Let's encourage therapy, mindfulness, healing and expressing emotions and growing.
Sunshine Coast, Australia
LGBTQ+ Positive Representation
I think now that I look back on things I may have unknowingly started this journey years ago or even when I was very young. I just didn't have the tools to be aware enough to see it then. I promise to get to the waves, but it may be a bit of read to get there. Ever since I was a kid I have been a fan of Star Wars. It spoke to me at a core level and made me happy. As a kid it was an imaginary world I was always welcome in and it was safe, as an adult it's been a piece of my very thought process every day, a source of good things and a comfort in hard times. The main characters in Star Wars use the Force that is created by all living things in the universe to do amazing things. The Force can also be used for terrible things. As with everything there is a light and a dark side and how you choose to use it will determine the way it comes out. Jedi's teach that the best and most powerful weapon they have is the connection to The Force. They teach the person is just a vessel for The Force to flow through and do good or bad things. "Size matters not, look at me, judge me by my size do you?" - Yoda In this quote Yoda is teaching Luke that the package doesn't matter, it's what's inside and how you use it that counts. As I grew older I realized a lot of things about myself that were very hard to come to terms with. In my 20's I accepted the fact I was part of the LGBTQ+ community. This was in the 90's so it was way better then those who had come before, but not in any way like it was now. I started off thinking I was a lesbian because in the community bi was just a transitional phase between straight and gay and really not a place to spend a lot of time in. I got my first girlfriend, first relationship by getting drunk and doing things I shouldn't have and thinking that was love. After a long while I realized it wasn't love and never really was, so that relationship fell apart. I remained single for most of my 30's learning to accept that being queer was ok, but it never really seemed to fit either. I knew I was attracted to both men and women, and felt now that I had come out as lesbian going backward to being bi was not going to go well. Then 4 years ago I met my boyfriend and had to make a decision to make a go of it or watch an opportunity for true love to pass me by. He came with baggage like I did. He has severe crippling anxiety, ptsd, depression and a host of other issues. I have issues with trust and self esteem. Not a likely pair, but we've made it work and it's been 4 plus years. Through out all of this we have had our ups and downs, some because I had to come to terms with a lot of things about me. I saw how negative I can be, and how my own anxiety was effecting my work and life in a negative way. In April of 2019, early one morning I discovered Wynonna Earp. Little did I know that morning before work, that I had just discovered the key to my journey. The show was amazing, reminding me of Xena and Buffy, trendsetting queer friendly tv of the 90's and 2000' Beyond that though was this amazing cast and show writer that truly understood the importance of not only the representation of all facets of this community but also that the dialog must be open to talk about it both in and out of the community. Also that there are parts of the community that still doesn't feel like it belongs. The message of acceptance and change spoke to me like Star Wars did. Moved me to really start to change how I treated others, myself and the environment. I started talking a lot to anyone I could about social acceptance, acceptance of others anxiety and mental health awareness and the impact it has on everyone. Not just those who fight it daily but those who are supporting them as well. Water bottles and my newest environmental topic is shop and scan at most major grocery retailers. A process to shop that encourages reusable bag use and paper bag use due to scanning your own groceries through an app and then paying at the end. Eliminating long lines and the need for plastic bags. Reusable bags can last up to a minimum of 100 trips to the store. That's an amazing amount of plastic bags not being used and then discarded into the environment. I've even started to look into better buying habits for meat because as much as I try I don't think veganism is something I can do, but I can buy more natural meats to encourage better treatment of livestock and better quality food on our tables. I've also started to meditate. Which coincidentally is also something the Jedi do a lot to center themselves and focus on a solution to problems they encounter. Meditation is helping me but I need to get better at making time for it. It's very easy to fall into old patterns when trying to create new. It's not a large wave, but it's my wave. In the small town I live in in Michigan I may be the only one talking about these issues though, and if I can get one person to look and these topics in a better light then I am making a wave. I am using The Force to do good. My 7 yr old self is looking at my 43 yr old self and saying that I finally am a Jedi. All thanks to a show, a bunch of movies, and one actress that decided it was time to start a wave of kindness, community and caring. Thank you to Dominique for all that you do, and the person you are. Never change. You are freakin' amazing. May The Force be with you today and all your days to come. 🙂
Michigan, USA
LGBTQ+ Positive Representation | Meditation