Jackie Garris Art

Jackie Garris Art's mission is to capture your special memories, beloved pets, places and loved ones in hopes of spreading love and to promote healing through custom art.

For this initiative to work we must all be conscious of our actions.
The responsibility to purchase locally lies in the hands of the buyer.
Please only order items that are within a diameter of 4400 km/2734 miles.
This means a maximum of 2200 km/1367 miles from your current location.

About Jackie Garris Art

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Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
| Waccamaw (Woccon) & Lumbee


The Artist

Jackie Garris is a watercolor and fabric painter based in the Wilmington, North Carolina area. Her mission is to capture special memories, places, beloved pets, and loved ones in hopes of spreading love and to promote healing through the gift of custom art.

Their passion

Conservation and sustainability. They use recycled materials such as denim jackets, hats, shoes, re-used canvases, and recycled watercolor paper. They work in watercolors, fabric paints, oils and acrylics that are sourced as often as possible from eco-conscious art supply businesses.

A final word

If you have a denim jacket you’d like to upcycle with a meaningful design or portrait, and/or to turn it into customized Start the Wave merchandise, they are your artist. Want a watercolor portrait of your best friend’s pet to surprise them with as a heartfelt gift? This brings them so much joy to do.